p call themselves (), are anti-disciplinary designers and creative directors who share a (snobby) desire in doing experimental research that bridges academia to the public world within the existing infrastructures of consumer culture. (snobs) could stand for Snide and Nefarious Opposition to Basic Society, or Stupid Noisy Offensive Bullsh*t, or Sensitive and Obnoxious Bunch of Superiors, among many many other.

Their (snobby) work has employed, deployed and observed subversive measures to achieve an acute understanding and manipulation of existing modes of production, using unconventional methods for research, fabrication and peer reviews to expand the range of possible and undefined mediums as essential tools to subtly subvert established power structures and pedagogical order.  have taken on several independent and collaborative (snobby) projects using various mediums which have included public intervention, exhibition design, sculptural installation, set design, graphic design, collage art, video art and symposiums. In 2021 they organized The Living Room Conversation, a platform of more than twenty students who collaborated in a creative series of work that explores questions of race and justice in spatial design. The project was exhibited at the Everson Museum of Art in collaboration with Urban Video Project
Their (snobby) work and collaboration has been exhibited and featured internationally in Thailand, Switzerland, Serbia, and the United States, at venues including the Museum of Modern Art, Archinect, Metropolis, and Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival They received Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University and are pursuing Master in Design Studies at Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Ifeoluwa Areogun, Rena Okamoto, Jenna Merry, Rahmah Gimba, Amina Kikaya, Elena Whittle, Ashley Dunkwu, Bryce Edwards, Indro Prasasto, Daria Agapitova, Kristabel Chung, Luis Lopez, Lainey Marra, Andrea Herrada, Kelsey Benitez, Cathy Wu, Rachel Ly, Ying Na Li, Baxter Hankin, Stephen Marinelli, Patrick De Garcia, Hussain Alkazemi, Khushee Chauhan, Tyler Mudge, Marco Pagliara, Gaem Saensopa, Pancharee Sangkaeo, Jenny Suwiwatchai, Porpla Kittisapkajon, Virakri Kinangkul, Suntiparp Somsak, Yao Mekareeya, Ashley Nowicki, Kyle Neumann, Sandrine Bamba, Jessie Zhai, Kokeith Perry II, Janice Comer, Ares Taylor, Samantha Slaughter

Professor Yutaka Sho, Professor Britt Eversole, Professor Lori Brown, Professor Elizabeth Kamell, Dean Michael Speaks, Professor Marcos Parga, Professor Sekou Cooke, Professor Pavin Chachavalpongpun

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Green Legacy Hiroshima
Harvard Dance Center
design.able GSD
NOMAS Syracuse
Fashion and Design Society (FADS)
Boston for Thai Democracy
Thai Rights Now
Urban Video Projects

Harvard Graduate School of Design
Harvard Dance Center
Everson Museum of Art
The Museum of Modern Art
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